Oaklands is a small rural township located in the Riverina area of southern New South Wales. The town is located 615 kilometres south west of Sydney and 105 kilometres north west of Albury. 

The major industry in the Oaklands region is agriculture, including the production of wheat and rice and is a major grain handling area. It is the home of the Oaklands Diuris, a threatened native orchid that is currently only found in the Oaklands region.


A standard gauge branch line from the New South Wales Government Railways Main Southern railway line at The Rock was extended from Lockhart to Oaklands in 1912.

A broad gauge branch line from the Victorian Railways Melbourne-Albury railway line at Benalla was extended from Yarrawonga to Oaklands and there are several stations between Yarrawonga and Oaklands.


The only school in Oaklands is Oaklands Central School, which caters for children from kindergarten to Year 12.


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